In the field of commercial insurance, agencies run tirelessly every day trying to gain loss runs from either the incumbent agency or from a prospect. The two keep proving themselves ineffective over and over again with no results. Time is very crucial in this domain to obtain loss runs. Agencies quote prospects in huge numbers in a soft market. They run a great risk of being “blocked out” by the underwriter, as a different agency may have gotten their loss runs, for the same prospect first. It will have an immediate effect on their bottom line in case an agency gets blocked incessantly from quoting prospects, because of time restraints.

Outsourcing the trouble of receiving loss runs to Keoch IT Solutions’ industry experts can help you free up time to quote more processes, and get to the underwriter’s desk before anyone else.

Loss run procesing services

  • Loss run report requests sent to previous insurers and receiving reports.
  • Loss run history extraction to help policy renewals.
  • Claims report preparation and loss run analysis.
  • Claims report sent to underwriters.
  • Underwriters notified if loss run is unavailable.
  • Loss run reports forwarded to agencies and brokers.

Perks of outsourcing loss run processing services to Keoch IT Solutions :

At Keoch IT Solutions, we do not network with the incumbent agency or the prospect but with insurance carriers from around the globe and work directly with them to save time. We get hold of the loss run statement way before the renewal process if the prospect is a client already. This will give the agency an opportunity to get hold of another policy much faster and advantage of an early to staying up to date with their client’s loss history, provided the client chooses to do so.

Keoch IT Solutions offers you all sorts of office solutions for insurance agencies. We handle the whole loss run process faster and help agencies get to the underwriter’s desk even faster.By outsourcing these laborious office duties, you can redirect your time and energy into quoting more prospects.

  • Validated and competent loss run obtaining system.
  • Save time to quote new prospects.
  • Do not have to wait for the prospect to hand out loss runs.
  • Do not have to deal with irritated incumbent agencies.
  • 24×7 loss run claims processing service.
  • Feasible services delivered by experts.
  • Excellent customer service.