Data processing involves cautious capturing of raw data from various sources, computer or electronic data processing and converting it in a format that strengthens analysis. This extracted data is then presented in a visual, tabular or textual format as valuable information for the company. This is why data processing has become a necessity in the fast-paced world we live in. It accelerates decision making. Given the salaries of experts and infrastructure cost touching the heights of the sky, it is challenging to hire in-house professionals without burning a hole in your pocket. In such a situation, outsourcing data processing services seems like the most viable option.

In recent years organizations of various scales – from freelancers to small shops have begun to pop-up offering data processing services. How do you choose who’s best suited for your company’s needs?

Keoch IT Solutions data expertise

Keoch IT Solutions give you the dual benefits of master data management along with critical online high-end data processing services of your organization. You ensure sorting, analysing, organizing, interpreting, preparing and effective utilization of your data by outsourcing data processing services to Keoch IT Solutions.

  • Our system incorporates technically adept professional staff with a specialized team for data processing alongside the various other technological resources employed as a part of our servicing team.
  • We use in-house cutting-edge technology and software customized to convert data from any format.
  • We use leading edge scanning facilities to digitize images and text documents, which are later manually checked and proofread to ensure meticulous results.
  • Complicated work involving publishing solutions such as texts, journals, newsletter, Mathematical and scientific books are handled by our digitization service division. Our highly experienced team proudly houses experienced editors, researchers and proof-readers, high tech imaging and scanning technologies attuned to global standards.
  • Information intensive organizations like corporations, news organizations, publishers, educational institutions, libraries, etc. can benefit from our universal data processing solutions.

Benefits of outsourcing data processing

Outsourcing data processing will not only significantly reduce operating costs, but it will result in an increase in productivity for your organization.

Advantages of outsourcing information and data processing tasks

  • Large Volume Data processing : Heavy files with large numbers of data can be time consuming for being cost and resource intensive. By outsourcing, your burden is handed over to a firm that can take care of it, for you. This will leave you with extra time to focus on more important sectors of your business.
  • Data outsourcing companies extract appropriate information from all sorts of sources ranging from faxes, scanned images to printed forms and surveys. With the necessary technical resources, the output can be updated in the format of your choice to add value to the data decisively.
  • Reduction in discrepancy of data.
  • Cost-effective solutions offered by assuring cost reduction up to 60% of current expenditure.
  • Complex Statistical analysis performed to collect vital reports about your business, customers, competitors and stakeholders.
  • Data and information can be presented in the forms of graphs, tables or percentile rankings to offer a big picture view of the details to dig deeper into the reports.
  • Data extraction from unorganized content to structure spreadsheets and databases.