E-Publishing is thriving in the modern world among various writers, authors, freelance writers and hard copy publishers quickly replacing the old fashioned hard copy formats. EPub conversions allow you to convert any source format – MS Word, PDF, inDesign, Quark, PageMaker image, Print/Hard copies, scanned copies, Manuscript, RTF, 3B2, XML or HTML – into digital books and publications which can be easily read on any device with a compatible reading application; be it kindle, tablet, smartphone or online libraries.  Being an open and standard format, ePub is easily compatible with software and hardware reading devices for unencrypted reflowable digital books and other publications.

Keoch IT Solutions has a 99% track record for offering affordable, fast and seamless eBook conversion services to thousands of publishers and authors. We have the capability, skill set and the infrastructure to create eBooks with precise layouts, closely matching with the actual page layout of the source. We can prepare data for electronic formatting, publishing and future readership capabilities to meet varied client requirements on a range of handheld and electronic devices. With Keoch IT Solution’s enhanced ePub conversion services, whether it is hard copy data, paper files or any other original source material, we offer a seamless transition into any desired electronic format.

Our input formats include

  • InDesign
  • Manuscript
  • MS Word
  • PageMaker Image
  • PDF
  • Print Copies/ Hard Copies
  • Quark
  • Scanned Copies
  • Text and more

Stages of E-Pub processing

Convert your printed texts to E-Pub in 3 easy steps to ensure maximum accuracy and timely delivery:

  • Send us your files to convert into ePub by uploading it on our secure FTP site or through encrypted email.
  • Our experience and qualified professional team manually manage the conversions such as html to PDF or mobi to ePub ensuring precise formatting and zero room for errors.
  • Once completed, the ePub files are upload to the secure FTP site or emailed to you right away.

At this point your ePub files will be ready to be read on any popular reading device.

Benefits of outsourcing E-Pub conversion

Working with us assures that your online publication materials are both efficient and of high quality. Keoch IT Solutions encompasses a broad range of conversion solutions:

  • Experience and expertise : To ensure we are always the top choice for all of your ePub needs, our experienced technicians and years of experience in successful ePub conversions for libraries, publishing houses, corporations, universities and multinational companies across the world and varied devices use new age technology.
  • Accuracy in results : Our skilled experts ensure you a very high accuracy rate to ensure your conversion – heading, table, graph or footnote – results are top notch, error free and readily available with every heading, table, graph or footnote for your entire e-reader audience base.
  • Precision in layout services : Our fixed layout and enhanced ePub conversion services allow you to create eBooks with accurate layouts, closely matching the actual page layout of the source, with the help of our great team of highly experienced coders and CSS experts.
  • Media-rich and interactive content : Our ePub conversion service ensures that your material is not just interactive and rich in media but also meets the standards set by Apple’s iBook store.
  • Conversion from any medium : Receive quick conversion from any medium – HTML, MSWord, PDF, InDesign, Quark, RTF, 3B2, XML, XHTML, Mobi among others to ePub format ready for distribution, along with print-ready PDF version in a cost effective way.
  • Flexible services : Keoch IT Solutions is flexible and customized to match your ePub requirement.
  • Value added ePub conversion : We can help you embed video and audio files, interactive feature support, design flexible cover pages enabled to fit perfectly into any size of eBook, table of content and searchable text files.

Added benefits of outsourcing E-Pub conversion to Smartpave

  • 98% accuracy level.
  • Cost saving of overall publication up to 30-50%.
  • Fast and ideal turnaround time (24 hours for small manuscripts).
  • Stringent data security policy along with NDA agree to maintain confidentiality.
  • Customizable and scaled process unique to each project.
  • Experienced technicians and staff with precision in work.
  • New and advanced conversion technology (Kindle Fire/ KF8 Technology, Kobo Technology, iPad’s Technology and Nook Technology) adoption for seamless transition into any desired electrical format.