It is very important for companies today to leverage their resources and reap high returns from their investments. Businesses most often fail to dedicate their resources and time, required to handle the cost of carrying debt over time. To help them improve their capital to manage the company’s internal accounts receivable department, they need an associate they can depend on.

Keoch IT Solutions help businesses to be run accurately and more productively with our innovative approach by increasing overall work capital and reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). By aligning human capital resources with our technology solutions we provide considerable results.

Accounts receivable services

Keoch IT Solutions provide accounts receivable services to international clients at highly affordable rates. Our all-inclusive accounts receivable services are highly flexible thereby letting our clients choose from a wide range of services. Our cloud-based technology is designed to effortlessly coordinate with multiple enterprise systems helping create a centralized archive of all related accounts receivable information.

  • Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services.
  • Accounts Receivable Factoring Services.
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report Creation.
  • Billing preparation.
  • Accounts receivable deductions management services.
  • Receivable transactions into the accounting system entry.
  • Record and account for revenue.
  • Issue credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer.
  • Maintaining subsidiary receivables ledgers.
  • Preparing and delivering periodic statements.
  • Carrying out process adjustments approved by the customer.
  • Resolving short pays and applying cash received to customer accounts and resolving short pays.

Accounts receivable software

Profitable companies manage their cash flow with extreme care. To do this, they have a reliable program for extending credit to credit-worthy clients and note down unpaid customer invoices. Top-end accounts receivable software is designed to assist you in managing customer credit to ensure timely payment by helping you automate invoices and collect processes to provide quick, competent and automated accounts receivable management. This, in turn, improves business performance, improves customer satisfaction and accelerates cash cycle.

Benefits of outsourcing accounts receivable

As per your needs, our team of highly qualified Accounts Receivable Services experts provide customized account handling solutions. Here is why you should choose Keoch IT Solutions to outsource accounts receivable services:

  • A combination of print, mail, and electronic deliveries from a single source.
  • Quick access to all document images.
  • Universal archive for all documentation needed for customer service.
  • Fetch data and documents through a common web browser.
  • Minimize misconduct and bad debt.
  • Increase salvaged revenues and cash flow.
  • Cost-effective: Reduce processing costs by 70%.
  • Customized inbound/outbound account handling services.
  • Professional management and incessant observation of customer discrepancies and disputes.
  • Quality improvement programs like TQM and others.
  • Precision in the handling of data.
  • Better security through confidentiality of data.
  • Quick service turnaround time.

Obtain substantial time to focus on your core business by outsourcing accounts receivable services to Keoch IT Solutions. By making sure that extensive reporting takes place and detailed invoices are followed up, we enhance your authority on every account.

We promise you the safety of your data with the help of our privacy and data security measures. We assist you in saving money, time and improving your cash flow, flexibility and quality. Our time-bound services also include Book-keeping Services, Tax Preparation and Processing Services and Accounts Payable Services.