Patient Demographic data contains every specific detail of a particular patient which is essential in medical billing and coding. It has to be error-free and accurate as it affects insurance claims payment. Outsourcing important and attentive demographic data entry is the best way to ensure rewarding claims processing.

At Keoch IT Solutions we are very well experienced at medical billing with the help of our professionals who can file all the essential data from patient demographic sheets accurately and instantly, within the working hours at lower costs.

Patient demographic services

Patient demographic sheets (Face sheets) are often given out to patients during their visit to a physician’s office. The demographic data is then gathered together and delivered to us by the administrative office to perform patient demographic entry. The minutest error in the entry can lead to claims denial. Our team at Keoch IT Solutions make sure that all the details are entered in perfect format with remarkable accuracy.  Our services include :

Patient demographics entry : Information entered into the medical billing system is crucial as it is responsible for the claims to be settled. The data we enter include :

  • Contact Information (Name, Address, Phone number)
  • Family Doctor’s Name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Emergency Contact.
  • Gender.
  • Insurance Provider.
  • Ethnicity.
  • Allergies.
  • Blood Type.
  • Major Diagnoses.
  • Medical History.

Patient information validation : As soon as we receive the data from our client, our team of medical billing experts thoroughly go through the documents and validate the information provided in the file. By doing so, we ensure that all the data provided is accurate and correct before we can enter it into the billing system. In case a document or a piece of information goes missing we instantly get in touch with our client to retrieve the information.

Medical Billing Software : Our objective is to provide our clients with faster, highly efficient and quality services at a cost-effective price that can be achieved by utilizing the latest software. We are competent at working with any medical billing software or tools that the client is comfortable with.

We can also provide follow-up on file secondary insurance, various denied and unpaid claims and multi-speciality charge entry

Benefits of choosing us

Years of experience in serving healthcare clients from around the world has chiselled us to handle any patient demographic data entry and medical billing requests. We have the knowledge of coding processes and medical billing like the back of our hands and can help our clients in every way possible. Here is a list of reasons why you’d want to choose us:

  • Cost effective pricing : Our rates are highly cost-effective and ensure that you can focus on more important business tasks.
  • Patient data security : Privacy and confidentiality of the patient data are of utmost importance to us.
  • Latest medical billing software : Latest coding and medical billing within the expected time.
  • HIPAA complaint : HIPAA compliant demographic data entry process, coding and medical billing that fit into the industry standards.
  • ISMS certified organisation : We have been certified with an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certificate ensuring total safety of your data.
  • Top notch infrastructure : Our cutting-edge infrastructure helps us perform quick and efficient services.
  • Error free patient demographics entry : Patient data entered by us are accurate and precise, making sure the claims are accepted as soon as they are submitted.
  • Single point of contact : A single dedicated project manager is assigned for you to contact for all your needs.
  • Easily scalable : We have the required competency and resources to scale up or down the service needs as per your requirement.

Quick and efficieent services


For years Keoch IT Solutions has provided patient demographic services around the globe. We understand the intricacies faced by healthcare organizations. We solve these challenges to perform efficient and quick services at feasible rates. These services include but are not limited to radiology medical billing services, Otolaryngology Billing Services, EMS Billing Services, Plastic Surgery Billing Services and Ambulance Billing Services.