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Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Receiving timely, accurate information is an exceptionally vital area of expertise that helps boost performance standard and competence of every business. However, it can be a real hassle, robbing you of valuable resources better utilized in your core business. Hiring a team of data entry processors can add a lot of employee costs and stress. The most cost-effective way is to get your data entry services outsourced. Get in touch with us to help you with specialized data Entry Services including Company Reports, Questionnaires, Surveys, Invoice Forms, Insurance Claims and Mailing list among others.

Data entry outsourcing

Whether you are a small company with tens of records or a large one with a few million records, Keoch IT Solutions offers you professional and accurate data outsourcing services. You can benefit from a reduction of overhead costs, time and an increase in data entry efficiency by outsourcing these services. A leader in offering data entry outsourcing services since 2014, we have been supporting companies globally across the United States, Canada, UK, Philippines, Australia and India. Our experienced and well-trained experts will add precision to your business.

We can help you with speedy data entry of handwritten/printed documents, build an easy-to-use database, convert data from old paper files, scan your hard copies into electronic formats and even index your documents to serve you whenever and wherever you need it. Our service is determined to provide you with the most accurate work at an affordable cost. Our best-in-class technology helps automate by implementing OCR and ICR technologies to meet data conversion, data processing, data punching and many other requirements.

Our data entry services

  • Data Processing

    Outsourcing data processing will not only significantly reduce operating costs, but it will result in an increase in productivity for your organization.

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  • Data Conversion

    We use exclusive software and conversion techniques to perform complex file format conversion and data digitization services to suit a wide range of business needs.

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  • E-Pub Services

    E-Pub conversion services, whether it is hard copy data, paper files or any other original source material, we offer a seamless transition into any desired electronic format.

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At Keoch IT Solutions we serve our clients by providing them with skilled, experienced team of highly motivated programmers and data entry operators handling leading-edge technology. Keoch IT is your one-stop to outsource data to achieve the highest rate of accuracy by validating data and getting it verified multiple times. With our years of experience, having us on board to handle your data related tasks on time by our team, we can ensure the excellence of your business.