In the present competitive age, a business is expected to be available at a customer’s service at any time of the day. Keoch IT Solutions Inbound Call Centre Services is primarily linked to the contentment of its customer. With years of experience in providing superior quality products and services, Keoch IT Solutions has become a renowned name in its domain.Our considerable experience at attending inbound calls and services enables us to meet customer requirements. Keoch IT Solutions is an expert global centre and has the experience, trained staff resources and technology to serve varied industries, such as travel, retail, real estate, banking and many more. Trust us with your inbound call centre outsource to benefit from strategic solutions, prevent loopholes in your services, enhance customer service and generate high revenue all while staying ahead of your competitors.

Inbound call services

  • 800 Answering Services.
  • Phone Answering Services.
  • Reservation Booking Services.
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling Services.
  • Claims Processing Services.
  • Order Taking Services.
  • Product information services.
  • Trade show & event participant’s registration and prospects services.
  • Billing Queries Services.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services.
  • Virtual Receptionist Services.
  • Inquiry Handling Services.
  • Medical Answering Services.
  • Product Recall Management Services.
  • Rebate Processing Services.
  • Omni channel Contact Centre Services.
  • Sales Closure Services.
  • Subscription Services.
  • Order Entry Services.
  • Scheduling Sales Demos Services.
  • Event Scheduling Services.
  • Directory Inquiry Services.
  • Payment Collection Services.
  • Charge Back Handling Services
    Real Time Inventory Status Services.
  • Ticketing Sales Subscription Services.
  • Insurance Claims Processing Services.
  • Job Dispatch Services.
  • Warranty Registration Services.

Perks of outsourcing call center services to us

  • Remote call monitoring facilities.
  • Superior reporting capabilities.
  • Enhanced market coverage.
  • Domain expertise in account management.
  • Enhanced market testing capabilities.
  • Efficient transition management process.
  • Web-based reporting facilities.
  • Up to date inbound call centre software.
  • Excellent call handling.
  • Save over 50% on call centre operating costs.
  • Experienced inbound call centre experts.
  • Transparency.

Our call center infrastructure

CISCO IPCC : Cisco Internet Protocol Call Centre (Cisco IPCC) solution is used for our call centre inbounds solutions. Independent of location and media, Cisco IPCC provides a contact centre infrastructure that supports voice, web, e-mail, chat and other electronic channels. We utilize a common set of business rules and advanced real time reporting functions across channels and locations.

CISCO ICM : Cisco’s ICM allows us to conveniently meet customers who change expectations and channel preference. This allows us to efficiently serve customers and increase sales opportunities by eradicating the need to install separate infrastructure and management processes for every new channel or media type.

CISCO ICM Software : Cisco ICM software enables Keoch IT Solutions to interact with its customers via the Internet or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) across an enterprise of ACD – automatic call distributors, IVR – interactive voice response- systems, Website and electronic mail servers, desktop apps and more.

At network level, ICM software creates a profile for each customer using data provided via customer interaction such as dialled number and calling line ID, caller-entered digits, data submitted on a Web form and obtained information from customer-profile. Simultaneously, the system matches the resources available to meet the customer’s needs based on real-time conditions continuously collected from contact centre platforms and agent desktops.