Processing and issuing a certificate of insurance (CoI) is a monotonous, time-consuming and a rigid process which requires tedious verification of policyholders’ limits, details and types of insurance coverage.

Keoch IT Solutions is reputed to help insurance agencies fasten time-to-market and streamline resources while providing professional, reliable and affordable services. This decreases the strain on the insurance agency’s customer services and their back-office processes while incessantly improving customer satisfaction level and service.

Services offered by Keoch IT Solutions

Our back-office team of experts perform all the necessary tasks for validating, processing and electronically expending certificate of insurance while making sure it is compliant with the industry guidelines.Our services for our client include : 

  • Processing certificate of insurance : Our experts are adept at processing, issuing and receiving insurance certificates quickly and meticulously at a feasible cost. They ensure that the Certificate of Insurance (CoI) we issue on ISO forms, ACORD forms etc. is appropriately authorized by our insurance agency.
  • Processing certificate of insurance management : Our professionals effectively follow-up and handle insurance certificate requests with strict attention to detail. We ensure enhanced customer service, reduced loss exposure and an increase in insurance compliance rates.
  • Processing certificate of insurance validation : At Keoch IT Solutions, our experts have adequate knowledge in addition to being well trained at handling large volumes of work. They keep records of all policies and follow-up regularly to determine expired or non-compliant policies ensuring the reduced risk of breach of contract or uninsured claims.
  • Compliance reporting and renewal request : Our experts record all policy renewal requests by leveraging our insurance certificate management database. We also produce extensive compliance reports as a supplement.
  • Processing revised certificates after renewals : To store insurance holder details, excess liability limits and other relevant information and later deliver the revised certificates of insurance to the policyholders through email confidentially and instantly we utilize a comprehensive database. We ensure quick turnaround and strict quality control while processing revised insurance certificates without omission, reiteration or mistakes.

Benefits of outsourcing the process to us

We, at Keoch IT Solutions, have a deep understanding of global insurance processes and norms. Here’s what you’ll benefit by outsourcing to us:

  • High scalability of services due to multi-location execution centres.
  • Reduced turnaround time.
  • ISO, ACORD and other industry-specific insurance certificate format compliant.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Highly competent insurance experts.
  • Reduced risk of expensive legal disputes and uninsured claims.
  • Strengthen customer satisfaction.
  • 24×7 access to our insurance professionals.
  • Distinct reporting mechanism ensuring control, clarity and early detection of possible issues.
  • Dedicated project manager for all your requirements.
  • Extensible services as per requirement.