Keoch IT Solutions is a leading global IT- BPO with expertise and resources to effectively cater to excellent outbound calling needs of global companies from different verticals and domains for years.

High quality and efficient outbound call centre is critical for any business organization that is looking to expand its business, follow-up on customer leads, efficiently execute marketing research surveys and increase the number of sales. Outbound contact centres boost customer service of companies without compromising on the cost. The main purpose of a call centre is to provide and help its customers, for which it is important that companies evaluate their needs before hiring an experienced call centre service provider to specifically meet their business requirements.

Outbound call center services offered

Our comprehensive range of outsourcing services ensures an increase in sales, follow-up on customer leads, proactive customer service, efficient execution of marketing research surveys and good customer relationship development all of which are necessary to the marketing success of a company by cold calling. These key services include :

  • Lead Generation Services.
  • Appointment Setting Services.
  • Market Intelligence Services.
  • CATI.
  • Direct Mail Follow-up Services.
  • B2C Cold Calling Services.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Telesales & Customer Acquisition.
  • Information Gathering.
  • Debt Collection Services.
  • Disaster Recovery Services.
  • Database Development & Management Services.
  • B2C Lead Generation Services.
  • B2B Appointment Setting Services.
  • Customer Follow-up Services.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs.
  • Welcome Call.
  • Subscription Renewal Services.
  • Data Recovery Services.
  • Customer Retention Services.
  • Product/Service Promotion.
  • Warm Calling/Existing.
  • lients/Referrals.
  • Mortgage Lead Generation.
  • Tele Surveys.
  • Service Satisfaction Follow-ups.
  • Sales Verification.
  • Cold Calling Campaigns.
  • Direct Sales.
  • Market Research & Surveys.
  • Sales Lead Follow-up.
  • E-mail Follow Up.

It is very essential for companies to recognize and comprehend what type of call centre they are, before implementing a planned system for their call centre. It is crucial for the outsourcing centres to ask the organizations “What is your outbound process?” and “How do you handle outbound calls?”. Awareness of what BPO inbound and outbound centre is vital before launching a call centre setup.