Today, the huge amount of data availability in myriads of formats, data type and text has led to data redundancy. To avoid this issue, most organizations are looking to outsource data conversion, making it the highest growing service in the field of data entry. If you want to prioritize outsourcing data conversion services, you should never miss out on the services provided by us at Keoch IT Solutions. We cater to all of the data related conversion and also align with your specific business requirement.

Keoch IT Solutions is the prominent data conversion company with industry’s best response time. We work with avant-garde, up to date software across multiple platforms with adept data conversion services at a very affordable cost.

Data conversion services

We are also well-versed with the following :
  • Quark, Interleaf, FrameMaker and PageMaker document conversion into XML, SGML, HTML and OeB documents.
  • Converting FTP, CD and DVD media format.
  • Data vectorization services.
  • Data harmonization.
  • Microfiche conversion services.
  • Image format conversion services.

Keoch IT Solutions uses exclusive software and conversion techniques to perform complex file format conversion and data digitization services to suit a wide range of business needs such as:

  • Document Digitizing Services.
  • Document Conversion Services.
  • File Format Conversion Services.
  • SGML Conversion Services.
  • HTML Conversion Services.
  • JATS XML Conversion.
  • XBRL Conversion Services.
  • PDF Conversion Services.
  • Word Formatting Services.
  • Figma to HTML Conversion Services.
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM).
  • XML Conversion Services.
  • Book Conversion Services.
We ensure that you meet the following conversion objectives successfully :
  • Aggregating and organizing your data.
  • Digitizing your data and documents.
  • Preventing data loss and storing data in the most usable formats.
  • Getting rid of unnecessary data.
  • >Reverse engineering of data.
  • Reusing data as per requirements.
  • Data utilization for research and business intelligence purposes.

Outsourcing data conversion

By outsourcing conversion work to experienced firms, the business can save a significant percentage of the overall capital cost. You also receive the best results from a dedicated team of professionals. Outsourcing can prove worthy in India since it’s a developing country and has an extensive scope with a blend of data entry experts and innovative technologies. There are so many other reasons why you should opt to outsource in India, a few being :

  • Cost-effectiveness : The cost of living in India makes high skilled manpower available at an affordable rate.
  • Easy conversion of documents into digital formats : Systematic arrangement of any format data in simple usable formats is achievable by engaging with the proficient working experts at Keoch IT Solutions.
  • Save on resources : The wage difference between India and western countries allow global companies to enjoy the best infrastructure, software, hardware and expert professionals who have years of experience in this domain at a very reasonable cost.

Why Us?

The specialized technicians at Keoch IT Solutions are trained to provide all sorts of data conversion services.

  • Data conversion combines an unorganized old computer system into their modern counterpart. This conversion facilitates functionality of data, decreasing the dependency on old platforms and furthermore the possibility of downtime.
  • Eradicating the complexities identified with paper documents by converting into electronic or digital formats in a secure manner.
  • Image storing in a digital format to record individual identity and recognition.
  • Conversion of MS Word format into PDF Document and vice versa has served the world of publishing huge benefits in the work of book conversion.